The reading of Shama facilitates our pure soul to rise to the heavens where we receive the force of TOV. It is the force that defines us and gives us life, much like a fruit bearing tree sending its roots into the deep earth for water and nourishment in order to grow and generate fruits.


The infinite force of TOV from above is what characterizes us and not temporary gains from below, such as position in life, control of others, fancy cars etc. all things that either bound to break down and be destroyed or be taken from us.


TOV offers us ever-lasting gratification vs. the immediate gratification we get from shopping, drugs and others vices that leaves us empty and restless.


And we don’t have to be prefect human beings in order to receive TOV; we just have to have the desire to receive it. A couple of centuries ago in Poland, there was a Rabbi who used to gather the town thieves and the outcast and pray with them every time a person in the community fell ill and needed healing. The Rabi knew that the force of TOV comes to the ones who need it most.





When we finally recognize The Divine in all – we may then achieve Heaven On Earth.”



Heaven on Earth, Our Maker’s Government on earth – depends largely on an extended and happy childhood. In addition, Heaven on Earth may not be realized in our time – but it may be a reality for our children later on. Therefore when a parent or a teacher instructs kids to participate in this global Shama, he or she may guide their pupils to have in mind the welfare of all children of the world, Let them pray for Our Maker to protect and love all the kids.


And since we are all children, no matter our age, we can also join our kids in asking for the Divine’s Love And Protection.All interpretations and meanings of The Shama, aside, having the wellness of children in mind when we say the Shama, is the highest idea, which offers us a chance to be renewed.


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