The story of Noach takes place after ten generations, from Adam to
Noach.  Noach is the last man alive who still knew Adam Harishon.

The Torah tells us that the earth was corrupt in Hashem's eyes and was filled with violence.  Only Noach found favor and grace with the Lord.
Regretful and weary of the evil of mankind, Hashem decides to destroy all living flesh on the earth through a great flood.  Hashem visits with Noach and tells him to build an ark, to take aboard is wife, his three sons, and their wives, along with seven pairs of each species of clean beast and fowl, one pair of each species of unclean beast and
fowl, and sufficient food supply.
The flood arrives heavy and strong, and even the mountain peaks are
covered with water.  After forty days and nights, the rain subsides and
the ark comes to rest on Mount Ararat.  Noah exits the ark along with
his family and all the animals to begin a new life.  Noach offers a
sacrifice to Hashem and in return Hashem promises never again will he bring a flood to destroy mankind.  The rainbow is presented as a symbol and reminder of this covenant.
Hashem presents Noah and his sons with the seven Noahdite commandments to live by.  (These established guidelines appear long before Avraham comes onto the scene.)  Mankind multiplies and flourishes only to once again flex his muscles and build a tower to heaven and try to confront God.  Hashem defeats this arrogance by simply confounding their language so they could no longer understand each other.  The result is argument amongst the workers who then are dispersed throughout the world.  The Parsha then concludes with a genealogical account of the ten generations from Shem to Avraham.

The Bible's depiction of the story of Noach has given historians and
archaeologists the ability to prove the historical accuracy of the Torah.
Today, we live in a generation of technology.  Here in the west, we
have freedom of expression and speech.  Yet with this newfound
freedom and expression, we have a responsibility to act in a moral and ethical way.  Similarly to the generations of Adam and Noach, we have perhaps lost our way and need a correction to guide us back towards the paths of justice and righteousness.  Let us hope and pray that we will see the light ourselves before, God forbid, something else comes to clear the way.



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